Regestration No: 115/A/CAB/MINEF/DF DU 18 OCT. 1995

TITALUVERRE GROUP has  23 years of experience in the exploitation and exportation of natural medicinal products from the Republic of Cameroon, the Central African Sub Region. The Republic of Cameroon has the third largest forest reserve of equatorial Africa; 20 million hectares of forest land, representing 40% of the national territory. 

Environmental protection and conservation is also a very important issue in Cameroon. That is why the government has as of date, created 39 National parks where the fauna and flora are highly protected. Companies like TITALUVERRE GROUP encourage and accompany the government in its efforts to protect the environment thus practicing patial exploitation of forest resources. TITALUVERRE does not cut down trees. 

We export YOYIMBE Puasinystalia,Voacanga Africana and Irvingia Gabonensis.
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Preparing Yoyimbe for export. see more pictures

Titaluverre group provide its customers with the best quality of Yoyimbe found in the tropical forest of the South and the high peak forested lands of South West, West and North West of Cameroon.

Titaluverre group also supply  dried seeds of the African Bush Mango. Please to see dried seeds of Irvingia Gabonensis, click here 
Loading Yoyimbe onto a truck for transportion.
Titaluverre Group is a highly organised structure. Division of labour ensures a proper movement of medicinal products from the forest, through the intermediate processes of sellection, packaging and weighing and then export to be timely. This guarantees Titaluverre group meets with the demands of its customers.

Very High Quality Yoyimbe


TITALUVERRE GROUP equally provide services in the area of building construction. We supply and errect scaffoldings for building construction all over the national territory in Cameroon. Our materials are the best you can find in this field in Cameroon. See pictures of our scaffolding materials. For details click here

TITALUVERRE fournir des services en échafaudage par tout sur le territoire national Camerounais. Nos équipements sont les meilleur dans ce domaine.Pour plus des détails, cliquez ici. 

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Titaluverre Group supplies dried seeds of Voacanga Africana. please to see Voacanga Africana seeds, click here

Check a video of our challanging work on the field during the collection of Yoyimbe from the forest. See video below.